Echo Brand Design teams up with English Tea Shop to bring sustainable packaging

The new range of organic Whole Leaf Teas by English Tea Shop will be brought with the sustainable packaging. London-based Echo Brand Design

April 13, 2020


Echo Brand Design which has been in associated with English Tea Shop for more than four years now, has conceived and designed the innovative packaging for a new range of organic premium Whole Leaf Teas. In line with English Tea Shop’s commitment to sustainability and brand transparency, the design team has brought 100% compostable packaging. Upon the inside of the packaging, the narrative behind the production of each kind of tea in Sri Lanka has been given, acting as a window for the customer to sneak peek into the lives of the farmers and producers in the tea farms.

The design company asserts that their idea was to bring an engaging and tactile experience with the physical packaging that is based on the tea brand’s distinctive farm-to-cup story.

Echo Brand Design says “The everyday experience of opening a carton of tea bags is very different from the classic ritual of making, brewing and drinking whole leaf tea, a distinction we wanted to embrace in a theatrical and playful way through the packaging.”

While coming up with the premium packaging, the London-headquartered design company has kept in mind to create a unique cardboard construction and visual identity that is in alignment of the brand story and highlighting the specific ingredient of each kind of tea. On removing the the seal and the carton lid, the box has been so designed that it can open up and unfold like the flower and there are depictions of unique mandalas designed as per the ingredients and contents within. The pouch in the tea pack is made from GMO-free cellulose fibre and the given scoop/spoon is also reusable.

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